As water is an element of extremely great importance to human life, it is incredibly important for humans to make sure that the element is easily available at all times. However, making sure that water is within reach is not enough today, an era where not all the water available on the planet is healthy. A large portion of water the planet has to offer now contains viruses and bacteria. It simply means that one has to be extra careful when getting their daily liquid intake.

If you would love to make sure that the water you consume is always healthy, you have to try a LIFESAVER bottle. It is a portable water bottle that can remove viruses and bacteria contained within virtually any drops of water. Viruses and bacteria are not the only things the bottle can remove. After all, the sophisticated bottle also removes cysts, fungi, parasites, and other waterborne pathogens so small the eyes cannot possibly pick up. Interestingly, the bottle does this without the help of chemicals like chlorine and iodine.

The bottle works by filtering all bacteria, viruses, cysts, and other waterborne pathogens, giving the user clean water free of anything harmful to their body. The bottle use FAILSAFE technology, which makes sure that the water poured into it is turned into its most pristine form. The bottle has a water-tight snap-fit lid and membrane protection grills that help achieve the goal of providing anyone in possession of it with totally healthy water to drink.

In addition to removing waterborne pathogens, the bottle is also equipped with a carbon disc, which can be optionally activated during use. The disc is there to reduce heavy metals, medical residues, pesticides, and more. It reduces virtually any chemical residues, ensuring safe liquid intake that sees the body absorbs only the healthiest water that cause no harm whatsoever. The bottle offers a removable base that has a scavenging sponge and a pre-filter disc, which can be replaced with very little effort depending on the user’s preferences.

Aside from getting equipped with a lot of sophisticated features that ensure the production of very clean water for the user, the bottle also has an anti slip base that provides the user with convenience of use. A pump tube and a twist lock pump handle are also available. For a better drinking experience, the bottle also has a chew-proof drinking teat. What’s more? The drinking teat is replaceable so you can get a new one whenever the one you currently use is damaged or you accidentally drop it to a very dirty surface and you do not feel like picking it up again.

This sophisticated bottle is undeniably very useful in this day and age where clean water is getting harder and harder to get access to. The bottle is ideal for your leisure activities so make sure you get one the next time you are planning on enjoying your leisure time without having to worry about the quality of the water you drink. The fact that the bottle can be the best solution for healthy water free of viruses and bacteria is just one of the many reasons why.