For you who always focus on hygiene, Lifesaver can be a real life saver for you. The products were made to strerilize water. Water, as we all know, is our basic needs. We can get sick or healthy just because of water. Contrary to popular belief, water can damage your body as well as make it healthy too. Water contains bacteria, virus, fungi, and other microorganism that can be harmful if you don’t sterilize it properly. Sure, boiling it will solve most of the problems. But it can’t eliminate all of them. And it takes time too. 

If you want to make sure the water you’re going to consume daily is safe and sterile enough, Lifesaver can be your choice. There are some products for different purpose, though the main aim is still the same: sterilize water. 

  1. Lifesaver Bottle

This is the first portable water in the world that can remove all bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi, and other microbiological pathogens in the water. And it can be done without any chemicals, like chlorine or iodine. 

  1. Lifesaver Jerrycan

With the new filtration technology that can remove all bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi, and any microbiological pathogens in the water, this jerrycan can instantly sterilize the water without any chemicals involved. And you don’t have to worry about the taste as well. No foul tasting detected. 

  1. Lifesaver C2

For larger volume of water, Lifesaver C2 can be the best solution. It can sterilize 2 million litres of water. The Lifesaver C2 can contain up to 750 litres of water at a time can later produce up to 2 million liters of sterile and clean water. Just fill, pump, drink! 

  1. Lifesaver Cube

This is the most efficient and simple water sterilizer for daily use and for any family member. You can bring it anywhere and turn any water you find into a sterile one. It can be done instantly without any chemicals. 

Do you know how helpful it can be to overcome flood? With an uncontrollable huge amount of water flooding the area you live in, you just have to relocate the water into your Lifesaver products, especially Lifesaver C2. The dirty water can be instantly sterilized 100% and drinkable. Simple and easy. Prove it. Grab your first Lifesaver now.