Plastic has undeniably become one of the most used materials in today’s life. This is more of a warning than good news to everyone. After all, plastic contains hormone-disrupting chemicals that can cause a lot of dangerous things like diabetes, cancer, ADHD, and even autism. The bad news is chemicals called the endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are present in thousands of products made of plastic. As we’ve known, the endocrine system involves the smooth network of glands and hormones that regulate every single thing we humans do.


The products that contain EDCs include plastic bottles, cheap toys, and even cosmetics. The chemicals have been proven to affect the endocrine tissues. These are the tissues that produce important hormones which help promote growth, regulate energy levels, ensuring good response to injury and stress, and even ensure that the process of reproduction goes well. According to a recent study, EDCs can cause neurological damages and even behavioral problems.


A new study conducted by NYU Langone has also unveiled that the impact of these chemicals has created a dent, a big one, in the US’ GDP. It is stated that exposure to the dangerous chemicals costs the country $340 billions in health each year, at the very least. This means that the chemicals have both health-related and economic impacts.


The study conducted by NYU observes bisphenol A, which is present in polycarbonate plastic usually used to manufacture reusable bottles, and phthalates, which is used in the manufacture of disposable plastic bottles. It is worth mentioning that phthalates have been banned by the European Union. It has been confirmed that they would not be on sale in Britain as well.


In the US, bisphenol A is mostly present in the lining of food cans made of tin. Whereas phthalates are mostly present in food containers made of plastic. Worryingly, phthalates are present in cosmetics as well, making thousands of women vulnerable to the danger caused by the dangerous chemicals. These two alone have been held responsible for more than $50 billions that go to health damage-related expenses.


Aside from causing various dangerous diseases, endocrine-disrupting chemicals present in plastic products have also been proven to boost obesity and cause male infertility. The effects are by no means trivial. They can even cause endometriosis, which is a very painful condition. Add to that the fact that they can also cause tissues to abnormally grow outside the uterus. Loss of IQ has also been known as one of the effects caused by these chemicals, showing just how vast the number of dangerous effects these chemicals can bring to humans.