For our body to work properly, the endocrine system must be enabled to do what it is supposed to do. However, synthetic chemicals that are present in products like fragrances and plastics can interfere with and even disrupt this system. The bad news is we are exposed to them every day. Extra care is needed if you want to avoid the effects these dangerous chemicals bring. Here are the list of things you can do to avoid them:


  1. Wash Your Hands


Starting from the smallest thing is key in maintaining your health. Always wash your hands before eating. Also, make sure you frequently wash your hands to rinse chemical residue that sticks to your hands. Here’s some tips. Avoid using antibacterial and fragranced soaps when washing your hands.


  1. Make Sure You Frequently Dust and Vacuum


Chemicals present in flame retardant are known to disrupt hormone. It does not help that they collect in household dust, making families that use the product vulnerable to the danger the chemicals pose. That is why it is important to dust and vacuum and not just once in a blue moon but every so often.


  1. Use Fragrance-free Products


Fragrance is usually created from a mix of hundreds of ingredients. It is not rare that fragranced products pose danger to their users. After all, the formula behind the creation of these products are almost always kept secret. If you want to protect your family, one of the first steps you could take is avoiding fragranced products.


  1. Do Not Use Plastics


Plastic is undeniably dangerous and it is worth a mention that even shatterproof plastic, which is considered safer than other types of plastic, contains bisphenol-A, also known as BPA. Some products also contain phthalates. These two chemicals can disrupt our endocrine system, posing harm to our bodies. It is true you cannot eliminate plastic alone, but you could always refuse to use it because what a single person do matters.


  1. Filter Tap Water


Tap water has the potentials to bring hormone disruptors and it’s very important to filter it before drinking. One of the things you can do is using a water filtration product certified by the NSF. Well, if it’s a water filtration product you’re looking for, LAICA offers some of the best in the market. With more than 20 years of history in the market, LAICA offers safe water filtration products that use a formula that preserves the natural balance of magnesium and calcium present in your tap water. It goes in line with WHO’s recommendations. It helps that the products are small enough to be stored in your fridge.


Health is unquestionably important and if you want to use the Valentine’s Day vibe to show your love to your loved ones, do not exclude it from your list of presents. In fact, making sure that your loved ones are always healthy is the best gifts you can give them. After all, what is the meaning of the grandeous things when your loved ones’ health is at risk? Health should take precedence over anything even when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts.