Water is undeniably essential to human life. After all, humans are comprised of mostly water. It goes without saying drinking clean water is vital to all of us. But how can we get our share of clean water? Filtering your water is one of the ways to do it. Why is it important to filter your water? First of all, filtering your water allows you to get water that is both better smelling and better tasting. It is because water filtration removes chemicals, chlorine, pesticides and other bad things from water.


Water filtration also removes lead from water, preventing the substance from making its way into our body. In addition, water filtration reduces risks of certain types of cancer such as colon cancer, bladder cancer, and rectal cancer by removing dangerous substances like Trihalomethanes (THMs), which are chlorine byproducts. Water filtration also reduct risks of gastrointestinal diseases by over 80 percents. This is possible via the removal of cryptosporidium, giardia, and e-coli from water.


Another reason why filtering water is important is because children need to drink pure water. Water filtration provides the healthiest water, which is important for the development of children’s immune systems. On top of that, drinking filtered water also leads to greater health, as well as more energy, making it a highly essential thing to do. It is worth mentioning that water filtration provides clean and healthy water that is safe for cooking on top of consumption.


Water filtration protects the body from more than 2100 toxins that lurk in drinking water. What’s more? Water filtration helps protect the human body from outside as well. After all, researches have shown that the use of a shower filter is an effective way to protect the body from harmful exposure to chemicals such as chlorine.


Moreover, showering using filtered water also leads to better respiratory health. It has been proven to reduce risks of bronchitis and asthma that may result from chlorine inhalation. Long story short, water needs to be clean to be effective in protecting us. Thus, it is extremely important to always filter your water before using it, no matter the purposes.