That everyone needs to be extra careful when taking their drinking water is a hard fact that many people seem not to care about. There are consequences of drinking unsafe water. The fact that unsafe water comes in many different forms just makes it even worse. It is worth mentioning that unsafe water might even come in the water most people drink every day: refill water. How can refill water be dangerous? Well, first of all, it might not be as pure as you think it is.

First of all, the water containers that we refill might contain a large number of germs that drinking the water might be equivalent to licking dirty surfaces in your bathroom. This makes refill water super unhealthy and, of course, dangerous to take. The scary thing is it is not even the only dangerous thing about drinking refill water.

Aside from containing germs, refill water might also contain chemicals that jeopardize our health. After all, the chemicals that are used in the production of the containers might be diluted after a long use. This, again, puts our health in danger since the chemicals can wreck havoc on our body. Thus, it is important to use products that ensure your water is free of both germs and dangerous chemicals.

Amongst the best products you can choose are ARS’ LifeSafer water filters. There are many you can choose from, with the bottle becoming an immediate favorite. The LifeSafer bottle removes bacteria, parasites, fungi, cysts, and even bacteria from water. It does so without the help of chemicals like chlorine or iodine, making it very safe to use. Getting one for every member of your family should be your priority if you want to make sure that your family is never exposed to the dangers that drinking refill water poses.