Coronavirus outbreak has turned quite ugly these days. Per March 12, there are 126,122 cases in all over the world, with 4616 deaths. Even though the mortality percentage is not really high in coronavirus case, but the morbidity is gruesome. 


That’s what makes this virus terrifying. In Indonesia itself, the reported case has increased rapidly. Firstly recorded, it was only 2 cases. And per today, there are 34 cases of coronavirus infection.  No wonder people in all over the world panic. Even Italy has enacted a country lockdown to prevent more spreading coronavirus. 


We do our best to stay healthy and uninfected. According to WHO, the most effective way to prevent coronavirus is by washing our hands often. Because antiseptic hand wash is enough to kill the virus. It is also advisable to stay away from the crowd these days and use hand sanitizer whenever you can’t find water source near you to wash your hands. 


From the explanation, we can conclude that water is essential to prevent coronavirus. We need clean and running water to wash our hands. Water treatment that use disinfection and filtration is enough to remove or inactivate virus causing COVID-19 or also known as corona. That’s why it’s important to always make sure the water you use everyday at home is clean and disinfected.


Another thing to remember is, coronavirus or COVID-19 will not turn into a serious case with worsen symptoms in our body if our immune system is good enough. The virus will only occur as usual influenza and will not worsen. Therefore, it’s also important to boost our immune system. There are various ways to do this, and one of them is drinking much water daily. You can increase your water intake now to stay healthy. 


Covid-19 would not survive the heat. The transmission will automatically slow down once the season has become warmer. Therefore, do these things as an extra step to prevent coronavirus:

  1. Expose yourself to the morning sun.
  2. Wash and air dry your clothes under the sun.
  3. Deep gargle with warm to hot clean water. This will kill coronavirus that stay in the tonsils before they go deep into the lungs. 


This shows another evidence that water is essential to keep coronavirus at bay. Make sure you have filtered clean water to drink and cleanse your body.