PT Surya Prima Pharma is a trading company that was established in December 2014 in Jakarta, operating in the water, sanitation, energy, health, and food industry, with the support of an international network. We are the exclusive distributor for LIFESAVER System, a system designed and manufactured in Britain that produces healthy and safe drinking water using the best nano ultra filtration technology. Now we also collaborate with a non-profit and NGO foundation, Gerakan Air Minum Sehat Indonesia or GAMSI (Indonesia Healthy Water Drinking Movement). On January 21, 2015, Advance Regenerative System (ARS) was then established by Mr. Antonius R. Soelistyo and his junior high school close friends. 

Our Motto: Simple Mind, Simple Things, Smart Solution.

Our Vision: To contribute in improving the health of all Indonesian people, and consequently our quality of life as a nation.

Our Mission:

  1. Identifying the challenges faced by community in their daily life
  2. Increase knowledge of community on aspect of life
  3. Collaborate with stakeholders according world sustaining global development goals
  4. Pursue innovation in water, energy, and nutrition based on health advancement best technology to get economic value

Since our goal is your health, we take the responsibility of a very responsive and reliable service. We are on a quest to grow our abilities to provide first class solutions, service and products.